Dr Joshua Nelson (Chiropractor)

dr joshua nelsonAfter receiving Chiropractic care for a number of sporting injuries and lower back issues as a teenager, I was amazed at the changes I experienced and decided that a career in health and Chiropractic was my calling in life.

I graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic, where I was fortunate enough to be awarded the coveted Chiropractic Adjuster of the Year Prize for Manipulative Excellence.

Along with my expertise in spinal and health related disorders, I have also undergone further post-graduate studies in peripheral techniques. This has provided me with expertise in the care of a multitude of extremity conditions (upper and lower limb) ranging from sporting injuries to office-related conditions. I am also recognised as one of the only Sports Chiropractors in Australia and New Zealand to be a certified Level 3 Medical Professional by the Titleist Performance Institute (the world’s leading authority on Golf Health & Fitness).

After spending several years working in Sydney and teaching at Macquarie University, I decided to move to Brisbane with my lovely wife Jemima (who is also a Chiropractor) and open Sherwood Chiropractic. Over the past five years Sherwood Chiropractic has grown in to a state of the art health care facility that not only assists people in pain relief but long term preventative health care solutions. I believe the major reason for the clinics success is through achieving results in the shortest period of time possible, and doing so in a honest and ethical manner.