Why just Survive… when you can THRIVE! Thrive Health Co. was created for the sole purpose of providing our clients with the best treatment possible for all of their musculoskeletal healthcare needs. Achieve your health goals with Thrive! We have brought together a team of health and wellness practitioners who take a genuine personal interest in each and every person in their care.

Don't just survive....Thrive!

Brisbane’s Leading Provider of Musculoskeletal Health Services.
We are committed to helping you improve your health and wellbeing!

At Thrive Health Co. we are committed to helping our clients achieve great health and lifelong wellness through a range of therapies including; Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and Exercise Physiology. With multiple different health experts all located at one clinic – conveniently located just 12 minutes from the heart of Brisbane city – Thrive Health Co. is your very own health and wellness hub.

We have brought together a team of health and wellness practitioners who take a genuine personal interest in each and every person in their care. Our practitioners work as a team to deliver a unified and integrated treatment plan to ensure you get fast and effective results no matter your complaint or condition.

We believe that by working together it creates a powerful environment that brings about change within our community. We promote health, education and support to our clients and are here to facilitate and support your road to optimum health and wellbeing, to help you reach your goals.

We are a health care service, focused around you…. the individual. We believe that it is not just about the expert ‘hands-on’ treatment and the exercise – It’s about delivering results that empower you to do the things you love. Our patients have very diverse life goals and it is exciting to be a part of each journey helping people to work well, play well, and live well.

How does Thrive Health differ from other Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists in Graceville and surrounds? We believe we have strength in unity, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to a patient centered approach in our services. By collaborating together as a whole team, we believe we can provide you with the support, education and service required to get you functioning at full health.

This way you can get back to doing what it is you love and feeling great!

Our motto is simple – Why just Survive… when you can THRIVE!

Our Thrive Classes

Thrive Health Co. is committed and prides itself on exceptional personalised services to our patients. Our team of practitioners are focused on achieving the best outcomes for your particular health issue, as quickly as possible. Our skilled team of professionals enables us to provide holistic collaborative health care to our patients. Assisting you to maximise your health and lifestyle potential through our range of classes.

Our Thrive Team

Meet the talented Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Myotherapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and Exercise Physiologists at Thrive Health Co. We believe in a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. Regardless of your current circumstances or lifestyle, our team is ready to help you achieve your health goals.

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