Previously we discussed the trunk “core”, and neck “core”. Now it’s time to address the pelvic “core” strength. I believe that the pelvis region is pretty important to daily function. When the surrounding muscles around your core are weak, dysfunctional movement patterns may result causing pain, injuries and muscle tension to arise.

Thrive Health Co. are looking for 2 new dynamic practitioners to join our team. We are looking for a Physiotherapist and a Remedial Massage Therapist. About Us We are a well-established, and progressive multi-disciplinary sports, spinal and musculoskeletal private practice, known for delivering excellent patient outcomes.  With over...

Are you looking to get fit, have fun, train with a group of like-minded people or set yourself a goal to run a marathon? Then the Thrive Health Co. Running Club is for you. The Thrive Health Co. Running Club meets every Friday at Dunlop Park Pool at Corinda at 5:45am. Mark from Run 4 Life is a very experienced running coach that has competed in over 75 marathons and ultra-marathons. Mat from Thrive Health Co. is our Physiotherapist and is also an experienced runner.

Should you rest or sweat when you're sick? Regular exercise has been proven to keep your body healthy, decreasing the risk of chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease, while boosting the immune system. Like anything, moderation is key, while some exercise can improve immune function, some can suppress it and this is why we must seek to find the happy medium between good and bad.

Do you suffer from Tech Neck? Here's what you can do to help improve posture.

The fitness industry has drummed into us the importance of a strong core, and getting that 6 pack. But what if we challenged you to believe that there is more than one that governs the bodies posture, stability and function. Over the next few weeks we will address another 2 “core” areas of the body the patterns of imbalances, and exercises that we normally suggest to improve posture and create stability within the area.

How to Eat your way out of Pain and Reduce Inflammation in your Body Often times when patients arrive at our clinic they are in pain and inflammation usually plays some sort of role in this. Whenever pain occurs in our body there is usually a physical component (poor posture, falls, lifting something the wrong way), a psychological component (stress, anxiety, depression), and a nutritional/chemical component (what we eat/drink/smoke etc.). The information below focuses on the nutritional/chemical side of pain and includes some simple things you can do outside the clinic to get out of pain and feeling great as quickly as possible!