Thrive Functional Fitness (Fusion) Classes.

Do you move well? Think you are up for a challenge?

This class will challenge your stability and fundamental movement patterns. It aims to improve your posture and joint stabilisers, optimising your function and movement health. Getting the most out of your workouts. Come and try our functional fitness classes run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel

Incorporating the best of strength and endurance exercise, yoga and pilates using the theraband wall, resistance bands, suspension bands, kettlebells and free weights.

Classes are run in a small group setting, but kept to a maximum of 5 to facilitate an individual focus whilst still keeping all the benefits of group training. Each individuals exercises are tailored to their specific background and previous injuries.

Thrive Netball Performance & Injury Prevention Classes.

Thrive’s Netball Class with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Commonwealth Games Netballer Rachel Forbes.

At Thrive Health Co. we teach Netballer’s how to move their bodies as efficiently as possible, to improve posture, movement patterns, stability, speed, jumping and landing quality for overall performance enhancement and to assist in reducing risk of injury.

We perform a number of Netball-specific yoga mobility, and core strengthening pilates movements coupled with body weight, theraband resistance and free weight exercises to improve body awareness, balance, muscular strength and endurance.

Learn to activate the right muscles to help you jump higher, land lighter, throw further, dodge faster and have the quickest feet out on court!

Sessions are tailored to all ages, with previous or current injuries, and levels of skill. What are you waiting for, get your teammates together and book into Thrive’s Netball Classes.

Thrive Seniors Classes – for the over 55 years

Our Thrive Seniors Class is all about performing exercises to improve your flexibility, your strength and your balance. Our classes run by an accredited Exercise Physiologist and are for all skill levels from complete beginners to experienced exercisers. Put a spring back in your step, improve your energy, your flexibility, your strength and balance, while also having a great time.

Our 50+ group classes are safe, fun and social. Designed to assist in conditions like arthritis, bone density / Osteopersosis, cardiovascular function and aim to improve balance, mobility, cognitive function and overall well being for the over 50+’s in our community.

Little Thrivers Classes – Physical and Motor Development for 3-12 year olds

Our Little Thrivers class is a kids specific exercise program designed by our team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Exercises physiologists. (3-12yo)

It is aimed at maximising your child’s physical and motor development in a fun and interactive class.

Our tailored program aims to improve;
* Postural control and strength
* Core strength
* Co-ordination and Balance
* Muscle tone
* Motor development
* Reduce Muscle Fatigue

Mums & Bubs Pilates Class

At Thrive Health Co. the Mums and Bubs class is run by our Women’s Health Physiotherapist in a relaxed and supportive environment and addresses the changes to the body that occur during pregnancy to help you recover from birth and regain your strength and confidence.

  • Strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles;
  • Small classes allows for individually tailored and safe exercises;
  • fun, social and safe exercise class for you and your baby;
  • Classes guided by our Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Mat Pilates Classes to strenghten core and pelvic floor and balance

For women of all ages and abilities to strengthen their core and pelvic floor. These classes are run by our Women’s Health Physio Rebekah. Classes focus on core strength, Pilates and balance.

Using a variety of small apparatus such as balls, rings and bands to challenge and progress you.  A key focus is to strengthen and tone all muscle groups of the body. You will walk away feeling stronger and that you have had an all over body workout.

Pilates is a clinically proven way to improve your core strength and reduce pain including chronic low back pain, neck pain, and poor posture. Our instructor is highly experienced and has  a thorough understanding of anatomy, human movement, and muscular imbalances that when combined with the latest research gives you the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Classes are run in a small group setting, but kept to a maximum of 5 to facilitate an individual focus whilst still keeping all the benefits of group training. Each individuals exercises are tailored to their specific background and previous injuries or concerns.


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