Dr. Courtney Cox our New Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Courtney Cox our New Sports Chiropractor

We would like to welcome our Newest Sports Chiropractor to join the Thrive Health Team of healthcare providers. Dr. Courtney Cox has a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Queensland University.

Her passion for health and injury management originated at a young age after enduring multiple injuries at the representative level for Netball and Water Polo. As a hypermobile female, she was frequently being treated and educated on the importance of injury management, prehab and rehabilitation, and wanted to follow the footsteps of those who preserved her in her sport.

Courtney is originally from Brisbane and has returned from Sydney after working in a busy clinic in the Eastern Suburbs. She is looking forward to settling within her previous local community and helping those through patient orientated care, whilst constantly reflecting on the progression of patients to ensure they are receiving the best outcomes.

During her days off, you’ll see her enjoying the outdoors and keeping fit through free diving, spearfishing, gym, practicing yoga, enjoying a hike or playing with her Great Dane.

Treatment techniques used in her practice include but are not limited to education, rehabilitation, prehabilitation, soft tissue, chiropractic adjustments, gentle mobilisation, scraping techniques and taping (rigid and dynamic). She is currently undergoing further study to become affiliated with The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS).

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