Mums & Bubs Pilates Classes


Mums & Bubs Pilates Classes

Are you a recent new mum or have a bub up to 1 year old and looking to get back into exercise the safest way? Thrive Mums & Bubs Classses are for you.

Who can participate in a mums and bubs class?

Any mother with a baby roughly up to 1 year old (babies are able to stay in the class as long as you feel like you can get enough of a work out in!). The earliest mothers start the class is when the baby is 8 weeks old, so they’ve had their first injections and the mother has had enough recovery post-partum to safely be able to start exercise.

What does it include?

The class runs for roughly 1 hour and the first half of the class is mat pilates exercises focusing on core strength, recovery, pelvic floor and stability. The second half of the class is more gym/exercise based to help you get back into whatever exercise you’d like to do post-partum, it gets your heart rate up and helps build strength and fitness.   

What’s necessary before joining the mums and bubs classes?
A 1:1 assessment with our Physiotherapist Simone is compulsory before joining the classes so that she has a thorough history of your delivery, health conditions, goals and exercise level. Simone then does your own individualised program which you complete in the mums and bubs classes and can also have it for a home program as well.

What should I bring to the class?

Wear comfortable exercise clothes and runners. Bring along a water bottle and towel for yourself (to put on the mat) and a little sheet/blanket for bubs so we can lay them down on a mat next to you ☺ 

Is my baby involved in the class?

We can engage babies in the class by holding them as our weight to do squats, having them underneath us on a mat to do push ups etc. and the bubbies all giggle and love it! The babies are on a mat or in your carrier near you and won’t have contact with other babies in the class. The Physiotherapist running the class will ask your permission before holding your baby and can only do so if required (crying etc.) but you are more than welcome to just settle yourself as well. The class is very casual, if you need to stop at any point to feed we have seating available and you can just return to the class when ready. 

Is it individualised?

Your program for the class is individually written by Simone our Physiotherapist as everyone has different circumstances (fitness level, delivery: c-section/natural/prolapse) and goals. You will be carefully watched, guided and corrected in the class and you might be doing some different exercises to suit your individual needs (it’s not a one size fits all class and everyone’s program is tailored specific to them). 

Can I claim it on private health?
Yes you can! As our class is run by a Physiotherapist and Simone writes clinical notes for each patient after each class, we can give you an invoice and you can claim back through your private health fund. 

To book in for a mums and bubs one on one assessment with our Physiotherapist Simone. Please contact our clinic on 3716 0199 or book online here.

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