Paediatric Chiropractic Care

Paediatric Care


Parenthood can present us with many little hurdles, particularly in the early days. Problems ranging from latch and breastfeeding issues, head favouring positions, flat head, poor sleeping patterns, developmental delay, colic and reflux, constipation and unsettled babies is just a few reasons parents seek help and guidance from our clinic.


Our resident Paediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractor’s Dr. Georgia Lowe and Dr. Jemima Nelson is one of a select few practitioners with postgraduate training in Paediatrics in Australia. She receives referrals from lactations consultants, midwives, speech therapists, and GP’s as her approach is gentle and specific. Both Georgia and Jemima strive to provide a holistic approach to your child, which is reflected in their thorough examination process and recommendations.


Dr. Georgia Lowe and Dr. Jemima Nelson keeps up to date with their knowledge and skills by attending yearly seminars on a range of topics from tongue tie, breastfeeding, developmental delay and musculoskeletal problems in children. This gives them the tools to care for their little patients the best way they can.


Both Dr. Georgia Lowe and Dr. Jemima Nelson uses only gentle techniques on babies and children, and there is no ‘cracking’ or manipulating. Treatment focuses on releasing tightness and restriction with gentle and subtle movements. Jemima and Georgia uses cranio-sacral release work and gentle mobilization techniques. We have had babies only hours old sleep through their first adjustment! Birth is very arduous and traumatic for both mother and baby, so it is important to have your little one assessed for any muscle and joint imbalances.


Some common musculoskeletal problems manifest in babies as;

  • Irritable and fussy behaviour
  • Poor sleeping patterns
  • Head favouring position
  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Babies who dislike car trips, tummy time or clothes and nappy changes
  • Head shape irregularities
  • Not reaching milestones (like rolling or lifting head)


Dr. Jemima also has a passion for food intolerances in babies and children, particularly during breastfeeding, as she experienced this with her own children.


If you have any questions, or would like to talk to Dr. Jemima or Dr. Georgia please phone our clinic or email info@thrivehealthco.com.au



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