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New Patient - Women's Health Physiotherapist

New Patient - Women's Health Physiotherapist

Welcome to Thrive Health Co. If you are a new patient to our clinic for Chiropractic Care, please complete the online form below and submit.

Your assessment and subsequent treatment sessions will be conducted by Rebekah Kenos a fully qualified female Physiotherapist who has special interests and training in pregnancy related musculoskeletal concerns, pelvic floor assessment and rehabilitation. Depending on your individual needs, the physiotherapist may need to assess the strength and quality of the pelvic floor muscles to best guide your rehabilitation.

Assessment may include ultrasound examination, subjective questioning and/or an internal vaginal examination. Internal vaginal examination is the most accurate way of assessing pelvic floor muscle bulk, strength, activation and efficiency. This will also help to detect any areas of prolapse or decreased sensitivity.

There are minimal risks associated with undergoing an internal vaginal examination. However, if you have any concerns or questions regarding the assessment or would prefer not to undergo an internal examination, please do not sign below and discuss this with the Physiotherapist during your initial session.

It has been explained (above) what is involved with the assessment and I understand the information that has been provided. I give consent for the Physiotherapist Rebekah Kenos to assess my pelvic floor function and bladder and bowel habits if this is required for my particular situation. I understand I can withdraw my consent at any stage without compromising my care in any way.


Thrive Health Co provides allocated appointment times to ensure the provision of essential and high quality care at all times. Therefore, for non-attendance, cancellations or change of appointment day without notice of at least 12 business hours, you will incur a cancellation fee of the 50% of our standard price. Any cancellations provided at least 12 business hours prior to your appointment time, will be at no charge.

If we receive advanced notice that you are unable to attend, other clients who may require an appointment with a therapist may be able to be seen in your time slot. Please be considerate of other people who may be requiring an appointment and are unable to get in with a therapist in a timely manner or at a time that suits them.

I accept financial responsibility for my consultations and treatment. Fees are due at the time of visit unless arranged, and agreed upon, in advance. Unauthorised late payments will attract administration fees, details of which are available on request.

Referrals Appreciated - as we are a family owned and operated practice – the majority of our patients come via the kind referrals from our current patients – just like you – this reduces our need to waste money on expensive advertising and concentrate on what we do best – helping as many people as possible. We thank you in advance for your kind referrals and support.

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