Physiotherapist, Sports & Exercise Scientist and Pilates Instructor – Simone Richter

Physiotherapist, Sports & Exercise Scientist and Pilates Instructor – Simone Richter

Thrive Health Co. welcomes their newest Physiotherapist Simone Richter. Simone brings along with her a vibrant passion in helping people reach their ultimate potential and achieving their goals, no matter how big or small.

Originally from Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, she began her Physiotherapy career in a private practice as a work experience student, then went on to be hired as a receptionist and worked at the clinic for 5 years while finishing high school and her undergraduate degree. During this time, Simone was mentored by Peter Hogg, the Physiotherapist for the Australian Winter Olympic team. This gave Simone an understanding of private practice and the zest for making a difference by helping people on a daily basis. Simone completed her undergraduate degree in Sports & Exercise Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She then moved to Brisbane and completed her Masters in Physiotherapy Studies, while working as a Physio Aide. By the time she became a Physiotherapist, Simone had worked in private practice for 7 years and knew it was the place she wanted to be. Simone loved the case load variety and close patient interaction.

Simone went on to become a predominantly Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist. Then completing her level I Sports Physiotherapy course and was a Physiotherapist for QCup Rugby league, Queensland AFL and Capital League I Mens Football/Soccer. Simone grew up playing soccer and touch football for years, and loved working in the environment of team sport.

In private practice, Simone has seen a variety of athletes including IronMan, marathon competitors, gym goers, boxers, soccer, AFL and rugby league players. She loves any patient that has an active lifestyle and mindset, whether they compete in sports (or did 50 years ago) or just lead an active, healthy life, she believes movement and a positive mindset are the key to optimal physical health.

During her consults, Simone believes in a combined approach using her thorough diagnostic assessment skills, manual therapy, dry needling, taping and exercise prescription, all decided on individually dependent on her patients needs and injury. She has a very proactive approach to treatment, and believes she guides her patients with thorough education and advice, to treatment options and overall return to optimal health and physical functioning. Simone plays touch football, goes to the gym and participates at F45 as she believes keeping moving and active key to overall health and wellbeing.

She also has a special interest in Pilates, both clinical and exercise based including mat and reformer. Simone takes mums and bubs classes and completes post-partum assessments to check for abdominal separation and pelvic floor problems, and enjoys helping women return to activity and reduce pain post pregnancy. We have a real-time ultrasound machine at Thrive Health Co, which Simone uses in her consults to assess and treat pelvic floor and core dysfunction after child birth or post injury, predominantly lower back or hip pain.

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