Myotherapy Graceville

Myotherapy is a form of manual therapy which uses evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation techniques to assess, treat and manage neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Myotherapists use a broad range of manual therapy techniques and primarily focus on; joint mobilisation, neurodynamic techniques, dry needling and electro-dry needling, musculoskeletal alignment, deep tissue massage and myofascial techniques (including; cupping and trigger point therapy), muscle stretching and a range of rehabilitative exercises.

Muscular dysfunction can be caused by trauma, overload or misuse of muscles arising from occupational, sporting or recreational activities. Symptoms of soft tissue pain is any pain caused by muscle tissue or muscle fascia and can include:

  • Sporting Injuries
  • Deep, consistent aching
  • Muscle tightness
  • Sore spots in the muscle (myofascial trigger points)
  • Reduced joint mobility
  • Stiff or painful joints
  • Numbness
  • Recurrent tingling or ‘pins and needles’ sensation

A Myotherapist can help to identify the cause of your complaints and treat the cause rather then just treating your symptoms.

Benefits of Myotherapy?

Myotherapists at Thrive Health will aim to alleviate pain and identify the structures or movement dysfunction needing to be addressed in order to restore the body back to optimal function.

A thorough assessment using neurological and functional testing to determine the cause of the issue and a suit of treatment tools is used to aid in the improvement and recovery of your condition. By using evidence based treatment strategies, we can ensure that all treatments are backed by scientific research ensuring successful reduction in your pain and/or dysfunction.

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