Netball Injury Prevention & Performance Workshops

Play faster, play safer

Book your Netball Performance and Injury Prevention Workshop at your Club, School or Association Run by our Exercise Physiologist, former International Netball Player Rachel Forbes.

Rachel will teach your players how to land correctly, what muscles to activate to jump as high as they can, run as fast as they can and play as safely as they can. Rachel can also work with your coaches, giving them the knowledge of what to look out for to promote good movement and to optimise game day warm up.
Give your players the opportunity to learn how to stand with optimum posture, how to move with efficiency; and what muscles to activate to get the most out of their body for performance and injury prevention.

For further information about our Netball Workshops head here, or ring to book your workshop 07 3716 0199 or info@thrivehealthco.com.au

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