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Just get moving!We have all heard the saying "Sitting is the new Smoking" but what does that really mean?When we sit for too long and not move regularly, the small muscles that protect our spine and posture/balance etc start to switch off. When this occurs...

Want to improve your netball game?

The netball season is over! I hope this season was a successful one for you and you achieved your goals….and of course won the grand final! Are you wondering what to do now that it’s off season?

Now is the time to reflect on your season and start thinking about your netball goals for next season. Off season is the perfect time to work on your game - but away from the court, so you can come back next season with a better netball performance.

Thrive Health Co. are excited to announce that we will be running a Pilates Mat Class for women of all ages and abilities to strengthen their core and pelvic floor.Classes are run by our Women's health Physiotherapist and held in the gym area at Thrive Health Co. These classes focus on core strength, Pilates and balance. We use a variety of small apparatus such as balls, rings and bands to challenge and progress you.  We aim to strengthen and tone all muscle groups of the body. You will walk away feeling stronger and that you have had an all over body workout.