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Do you suffer from Tech Neck? Here's what you can do to help improve posture.

The fitness industry has drummed into us the importance of a strong core, and getting that 6 pack. But what if we challenged you to believe that there is more than one that governs the bodies posture, stability and function. Over the next few weeks we will address another 2 “core” areas of the body the patterns of imbalances, and exercises that we normally suggest to improve posture and create stability within the area.

So you have neck pain or back pain and you have tried a few different things that simply haven't worked. What else can you try?We know that the pain in your neck, upper and mid back and along the shoulders is irritating and distracting - sometimes causing aching pain and discomfort between the shoulder blades, either side of the spine, up the neck and into the back of the head and even down towards the lower back.  The pain can increase as the day goes on, making you feel like you want to crawl out of your body to get away from it, affecting your ability to comfortably work, study, cook, sleep and carry out your daily tasks. These symptoms can greatly affect your everyday life, becoming tiring and restricting. In simple terms, it's debilitating.

I have shoulder pain... so why are you checking my neck and back?Shoulder pain is a common reason for our patients to seek help from the team at Thrive Health Co. More often than not, there is more to a shoulder injury than meets the eye.Our shoulders are complex joints with lots of connecting structures to the neck and back. Whilst your pain may be in the point of the shoulder, there can be many different causes for this.

The ONE thing you should do every week to keep you PAIN FREEAt Thrive Health Co. we see a lot of patients in pain, whether it be tight muscles, sore joints, sharp, dull, constant, intermittent type pain. One thing is certain, we are so glad you took the first step and consulted an experience health care provider at Thrive Health Co. Our main priority is to get you out of  pain as soon as possible. Once we get your out of pain, here's what can you do to help keep yourself pain-free?

Standing Desks…. Are they just a fad or are they really worth the investment?Standing desks have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and I am constantly getting asked whether they are worth the investment. Simply put, no one position for too long is a good thing, but I think like anything else in life - in moderation they can work really well. Prolonged sitting (longer then 30 minutes) does tend to stress your lower back quite significantly as well as cause you to round your shoulders and strain your neck. This is why the use of a standing desk can be beneficial!