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I often get asked about why we changed the name of our business from Sherwood Chiropractic to Thrive Health Co. and whether this was something we had only started thinking about recently. The truth is, my ultimate vision when moving with Jemima Nelson (my wife) to Brisbane eight years ago was to always create a centre of excellence for the care and prevention of all Musculoskeletal and Pregnancy/Paediatric related  issues.

At Thrive Health Co. we would get asked at least a dozen times per week whether it is better to place ice or heat on an injury. There is so much conflicting advice out there, how do you know which is the best for your type of injury? As a general rule of thumb, any injury that has initially occurred will best be dealt with, with ice for the first 24-48 hours due to the fact that we want to decrease as much swelling as possible.