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Do you suffer from Tech Neck? Here's what you can do to help improve posture.

The fitness industry has drummed into us the importance of a strong core, and getting that 6 pack. But what if we challenged you to believe that there is more than one that governs the bodies posture, stability and function. Over the next few weeks we will address another 2 “core” areas of the body the patterns of imbalances, and exercises that we normally suggest to improve posture and create stability within the area.

Standing Desks…. Are they just a fad or are they really worth the investment?Standing desks have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and I am constantly getting asked whether they are worth the investment. Simply put, no one position for too long is a good thing, but I think like anything else in life - in moderation they can work really well. Prolonged sitting (longer then 30 minutes) does tend to stress your lower back quite significantly as well as cause you to round your shoulders and strain your neck. This is why the use of a standing desk can be beneficial!