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If you’ve experienced shoulder pain you would know how irritating it can be – sometimes causing radiating pain out from the shoulder to the neck or back or down the arm, affecting your ability to lift the arm up without pain, put your coat on, sleep on the affected side, carry bags and luggage, work at your desk without increased aggravation and perform exercise without range restriction and pain and even weakness. These symptoms can greatly affect your everyday life, becoming tiring and restricting.

The ONE thing you should do every week to keep you PAIN FREEAt Thrive Health Co. we see a lot of patients in pain, whether it be tight muscles, sore joints, sharp, dull, constant, intermittent type pain. One thing is certain, we are so glad you took the first step and consulted an experience health care provider at Thrive Health Co. Our main priority is to get you out of  pain as soon as possible. Once we get your out of pain, here's what can you do to help keep yourself pain-free?

How to Choose the Right Health Care Provider for Your Injury!As many of you already know, we are very fortunate at Thrive Health Co. to have an amazing array of practitioners with their own unique skill sets to get you feeling great in as short of a time as possible. The question still remains however... Who is the best person to see for your specific sports injury? Hopefully this article will point you in the right direction to answering this question.

Exercise can be very beneficial throughout your pregnancy, whether you have always been active or you would like to start living a more active lifestyle. It’s sometimes hard to know what exercises are safe to do. This is where Thrive Health Co. can help you.  Our resident Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel Forbes has some know-how to share with you.So why exercise throughout your pregnancy? Here are just a few of the many benefits;

So what exactly is an Exercise Physiologists (EP) and how can they help me?Exercise Physiologists (EP's) use exercise as their treatment modality. They prescribe exercise and exercise programs for a range of conditions such as;·       Cardiovascular·       Metabolic (Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes)·       Neurological·       Kidney, Respiratory/pulmonary·       Mental...

As 2020 begins it is a great time to assess where you are at in all your different 'lifetime' accounts. These accounts may include but are not limited to health, financial, familial, relationships, spiritual, intellectual, and the list goes on.... An easy way to create goals is to first go back over the year that was (2019) and not only be appreciative of all your wins but also look at the goals you didn't accomplish and work out whether they were important enough and why you didn't achieve them. Moving forward, a very simple way to set your goals is using the SMART acronym.