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We've all experienced some sort of pain in our lifetime, but what is pain?Pain the uncomfortable sensory and emotional feeling associated with an actual or potential tissue damage.Most of the time pain is the last sensation to occur. Simply, it’s a warning sign, or the...

Here are our top 3 tips to beat stress, overwhelm and slow down this Christmas!As the year draws to an end and silly season begins, stress levels tend to be on the rise. Holidays, family events, presents, work, and social engagements – many people feel as though they don’t stop from December to the end of January! This can have serious impact on your health and wellbeing, not to mention your enjoyment of this time.Whilst the hit of adrenaline that accompanies short-term stress is useful for overcoming obstacles (whether it’s a end of year presentation at work or mad dash into the shops for last minute presents), long-term stress is shown to have significant negative effect on the immune system that can manifest into illness. (Salleh, 2008)

I have shoulder pain... so why are you checking my neck and back?Shoulder pain is a common reason for our patients to seek help from the team at Thrive Health Co. More often than not, there is more to a shoulder injury than meets the eye.Our shoulders are complex joints with lots of connecting structures to the neck and back. Whilst your pain may be in the point of the shoulder, there can be many different causes for this.

At Thrive Health Co. we would say approximately 90% of our patients admit to sitting with poor posture and they all agree it causes or aggravates their back pain. Did you know, we spend up to 80% of our day sitting down; working at the computer, watching television, eating meals, work meetings and so on. As soon as we hear the word posture we all sit up, knowing it is healthier for us to sit with the correct posture. But WHY?

A good night’s sleep is vitally important to allow us to function at optimum performance and deal with our busy life schedules. A restless night’s sleep leads to us feeling tired, agitated and unable to concentrate the next day. A number of restless nights’ sleep can lead to poor eating habits, too much caffeine, irritable moods, weight gain, depression and so on. Patients with poor sleeping habits take longer to heal than those who sleep well.