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It's becoming more and more common for women to seek treatment from a Women's Health Physiotherapist for Abdominal Separation. Some women find their stomach muscles weaken and separate during and after pregnancy. The stretching and thinning of the abdominal muscles is a natural occurrence during pregnancy (30-70%) to accommodate the growing baby and up to 66% of women have a significant separation by the end of their third trimester.The good news is that for the majority of women this condition resolves during the early postpartum period. Unfortunately for some however, a weakened abdominal wall persists well into the postpartum period, impairing activities of daily living. Learn how to recognise, prevent and treat abdominal separation.

Exercise can be very beneficial throughout your pregnancy, whether you have always been active or you would like to start living a more active lifestyle. It’s sometimes hard to know what exercises are safe to do. This is where Thrive Health Co. can help you.  Our resident Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel Forbes has some know-how to share with you.So why exercise throughout your pregnancy? Here are just a few of the many benefits;

Pregnancy is hard work! I never really grasped this concept until going through the process myself.  From insatiable fatigue, nausea, swollen feet and backache, I’m often asked, “Where’s the glow?” As a Paediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractor, I have mums-to-be expressing to me on a regular basis, the difficulty they feel both physically and emotionally during pregnancy.Here are my top 5 tips to get your body through pregnancy. Let's find that "pregnancy glow"!

How to grow a healthy brain. Maximising brain development in the newborn.From the minute our little bundles of joy enter the world, their brains are constantly growing and developing.  At birth, a baby’s brain has very few connections and ‘hard wirings’. The primary function is centred on basic survival patterns like feeding, sleeping and pooping! Did you know that a baby could only see black and white until 3 months?