Are Women More Prone to Knee Injuries than Men? Have you ever wondered why young females complain of more knee pain or why more females drop out of sport at a younger age compared to boys? Well, puberty and female vs male bone structure makes quite the difference. As we grow and move through puberty

Primitive Reflexes in babies

At birth – we are all equipped with a set of reflexes that enable us to survive. These are called Primitive reflexes, or as we often refer to them, a blueprint for development! Normal childhood development is dependent on the framework of movement from birth to walking. Similarly to when a building is constructed –
Patrick is a highly skilled Chiropractor that has recently joined the team at Thrive Health Co. After graduating from the prestigious RMIT University in Melbourne, Patrick has spent time working alongside some of the most well respected Sports Chiropractors across Victoria and Queensland. Since a young age he has had a passion for sport and
A common question I get asked in the clinic is “Why do Chiropractors (and some other health professionals) use joint manipulations or adjustments as part of their treatment plan when helping someone get out of pain and move better?” The old thought process of joint manipulation being about cracking bones and re-aligning your spine is
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