Can puberty make your daughter more susceptible to injury?   Sadly, the answer is yes. However with the right information we can mitigate this risk.   I remember being at school and the menstrual cycle being brushed over. Most of us girls would say anything to the doctor to be put on the pill so
At Thrive Health Co. we specialise in exercise programming and advice for Peri- and Post Menopausal Women. Due to the number of women coming into the clinic seeking advice in this area, we have created a 5 session program specialised for you and the stage of menopause that you may be in, whether you are approaching

Menopause and Exercise

 Menopause… Are you in your 40’s, 50’s or beyond and wondering why your exercise routine is no longer working for you? Are you putting on weight even though you are exercising and eating just like you have always done? For this, you can say thank you to your hormones. In the five years leading up

Where has this pain come from??

Where has this pain come from? Do you experience bothersome and sometimes overwhelming pain or stiffness but have no idea where it has come from? Pain can often strike seemingly from nowhere at exactly the wrong time in life; after a stressful week at work, halfway through cleaning the yard, when you’re getting into your
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