Netball Performance & Injury Prevention

Prevent injury when playing the sport you love

Thrive Health Netball Performance & Injury Prevention Class with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Commonwealth Games Netballer Rachel Forbes.

At Thrive Health Co. we teach Netballer’s how to move their bodies as efficiently as possible, to improve posture, movement patterns, stability, speed, jumping and landing quality for overall performance enhancement and to assist in reducing risk of injury.

We perform a number of Netball-specific yoga mobility, and core strengthening pilates movements coupled with body weight, theraband resistance and free weight exercises to improve body awareness, balance, muscular strength and endurance.

Learn to activate the right muscles to help you jump higher, land lighter, throw further, dodge faster and have the quickest feet out on court!

Sessions are tailored to all ages, with previous or current injuries, and levels of skill. What are you waiting for, get your teammates together and book into Thrive’s Netball Classes.

Benefits of Netball Performance & Injury Prevention?

At Thrive Health Co. we work with Netballers to look at how you jump and land. We teach you which muscles to use to get the most out of your body and help ensure you are moving to your body’s full potential.

When you use the correct muscles, not only are you going to get the best performance out of your body, you are maintaining health of your muscles and bones (your musculoskeletal health). It is known that the highest cause of injury is previous injury, so what causes it in the first place?

Injury isn’t always a one off incident; it isn’t just that you used your muscle or joint the incorrect way that one time during that particular match or that particular training session that resulted in injury. It is repetitive incorrect use overtime not only within your Netball, but your other sports, and even how you move on a day to day basis, how you stand, how you walk. How you’ve moved your entire life may be leading you to a higher risk of injury.

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